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2ND PERIOD (Tactile Stimulation) 21-28 Days

Characteristics; Most important period with rapid sensory development. Puppies are fully alert to their environment and will startle easily at sudden sounds and movements. During this time they are able to recognize their breeder and other significant humans by smell, sight and sound. However, they have lost the natural insulation of the neonatal period and negative events can easily imprint basic behavior during this period.


Social bonding begins to occur during this week.


Neonatal behaviors such as head swinging, mewing and crawling back and forth stop. Pups are more active and moving well on their feet. This is a time of rapid physical change. There are also significant changes in brain waves during this period and pups are now able to learn from experience and to retain what they have learned.


Breeders Do's: Introduce new tactile sensations in puppies box. Pups enjoy burrowing in shredded newspaper, for example, or crawling over a rolled towel or blanket. Continue daily handling, adding new sounds and sights to the environment radio, TV, telephone, computer and printer. Introduce toys and make sounds.

Pups can be removed from the box and placed on new surfaces. Do this with two pups at a time rather than separating from litter.



Negative events can permanently imprint on the pups during this week. Do not run vacuum cleaner around pups, blow hair dryers, run clippers etc. Postpone having work done on your home and ask prospective purchasers or curious friends to wait to the end of the 4th week to visit puppies.Do not move puppies or separate from dam during this week.

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