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Litter "G", Dark Sable

1 x Female puppy

Born - December 24, 2019

Puppy Adopted

Litter "F" Puppies born December 24, 2019, and is from the mating of - 

VonBIOS Carolin ("Jess") with Stud Dog, Kovacs Vikus BH. 


If being a guardian of a VonBIOS puppy as a member of your family is of interest, complete a brief form in our Contact Web Page to explore future VonBIOS litters.

Litter "F" Parents





Kovacs Vikus BH


Sire:  Drago vom Patriot IPO3

Dam: Kovacs Esmeralda IPO2

Hip: SV: HD a-Normal (a1) ()

Elbows: SV: Normal (No changes)




VonBIOS Carolin ("Jess") 


Sire:  VonAmmerberg Eiko ("Grim")

Dam: VonForell Tess ("Tessie")

ANKC Hips/Elbows: 2:2 / 0:0 = 4 

ANKC ExamID#: 18008 2017/11/30 

Litter "G


Litter "GPuppy

The same image and video are being initially applied to each puppy, as shown below until the pups have developed a more identifiable appearance and character. In the meantime, the coloured collar for each puppy will help you spot a puppy of interest.

In the next week or two, we hope to individualise each puppy listing.

 1st Born 


     Name: VonBIOS Gretel


Given Name: Lexie

Puppy Status: Now has Guardian

Born:   October 27, 2020. 1930 hours.

Collar Colour: NONE

Weight at Birth: 450 grams

Colour: Dark Sable

Microchip:  956 00000000000

ANKC Pedigree: To be registered

Weight: March 2, 20200.0 Kgs. 

1st Vaccination C3: February 05, 2020

2nd Vaccination C3: March 5, 2020

3rd Vaccination: C5: April 16, 2020

VonBIOS Birget ("Eva" - Sable)

1 x female born (cesarean section) on

October 26, 2020.


"Eva" was Ultrasound scanned Monday, October 26, 2020, to determine puppy heartbeats and numbers. in her Litter, which sadly, was only two (2). However, the male could not be saved and the female is doing very well.


This puppy's pedigree name will VonBIOS Gretel.

Gretel is now 21 days old as at 16/11/2020. Gretel is in the "Back of House" care from her grandmother, Tessie, who will be 12 years old late in December 2020, as per the Youtube video below.


The Stud Dog is Dasty vom Ludwigseck BH AD, an "All Black" imported from Germany, October 2019. Eva's sire is the imported, Dark Red Sable, Bruno vom Wallensener Hof IPO2. Apart from the drive attributes of both imported dogs, their respective obedience and protection Dasty's all-black coat has darkened the coat.

Eva rejected her sole surviving puppy (female)., which means, hand raising her. So far, this puppy is getting fed on-demand.

VonBIOS Gretel, is now receiving "Back of House" care from her Grandmother, "Tessie". This relieves me of the task of stimulating Gretel's nether region to produce "1's and 2's". "Tessie" is providing parental stimulation as well puppy do's and don't's in behaviour.

VonBIOS Gretel's daily weigh-in can be seen at the following URL .

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