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VonForell Tess

VonBIOS's foundation brood female is VonForell Tess ("Tessie"), a grand-daughter of Fax vom Grenzganger.


"Tessie's" Hip Dysplasia score is 1/3 and Elbow Dysplasia score is 0/0, totalling 4, which is indeed, very good.


Tessie was born on December 27, 2008 and she has now had three (3) litters to the following sires -


Vonammerberg Eiko ("Grim") 2011

(Vonforell kennel prefix) 7 puppies (under a "Breeder's Agreement").


Vonammerberg Eiko ("Grim") 2013

VonBIOS kennel prefix 8 puppies (Litter "A").


Bruno vom Wallensener Hof ("Bruno") 2014 (German import)

VonBIOS kennel prefix 3 puppies (Litter "B").


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