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"B" Litter (All Puppies Placed)


Vonforell Tess ("Tessie") gave birth to VonBIOS's Litter "B", Tessie's 3rd litter, on June 3, 2014. All Puppies now placed.


Tessie will then continue on with her Obedience, IPO and related training for 12 to 18 months after Litter "B".


The selected Stud Dog is the imported (October 2013) German Shepherd Dog, Bruno vom Wallensener Hof (IPO 2)


4 Years 2 Months old (as at January 27, 2018) Born: June 3, 2014


(click on names below for pedigree details)


Bruno vom Wallensener Hof 


Sire:  V Hutch von der kalten Hardt

Dam: Diestel vom Haus Cismar


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Vonforell Tess ("Tessie")


Sire:  Vonforell Aero

Dam: Vontama Azizza


Pedigree Name: VonBIOS Britta


In German: Google translator

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Given Name: to be advised


SOLD and Delivered


1st Born: June 03, 2014: 2055 hours.

Gender: Female

Collar Colour: Blue

Weight at Birth: 614 grams

Colour: Black Sable


Microchip #: 982 000362074535

Weight: September 26, 2014, 20.2 Kgs

1st Vaccination:  July 07, 2014

2nd Vaccination, August 13, 2014

3rd Vaccination: Month ??, 2014

.SOLD and Delivered

Pedigree Name: VonBIOS Birget


In German: Google translator

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Given Name:  to be advised


SOLD and Collected


2nd Born: June 03, 2014: 2212 hours.

Gender: Female

Collar Colour: Red

Weight at Birth: 322 grams

Colour: Black Sable


Microchip #: 982 000362073631

Weight: September 21, 2014, 16.4.Kgs

1st Vaccination:  July 16, 2014

2nd Vaccination, August 13, 2014

3rd Vaccination: Month ??, 2014


.SOLD and Collected


Pedigree Name: VonBIOS Blaz


In German: Google Translator

(click audio icon in "Translator" page)


Given Name:  to be advised


Sold and Delivered


3rd Born: June 03, 20142322 hours..

Gender: Male

Collar Colour: Brown

Weight at Birth: 597 grams

Colour: All Black


Microchip #: 982 000362074193

Weight: September 21, 2014, 22.4 Kgs

1st Vaccination:  July 16, 2014

2nd Vaccination, August 13, 2014

3rd Vaccination: Month ??, 2014

.SOLD and Delivered


VonBIOS ( advises that we have 3 working line German Shepherd Dog puppies (born June 3, 2014) and only 2 are now available

Parents are - 
Sire: Bruno vom Wallensener Hof ("Bruno"); 
Dam: Vonforell Tess ("Tessie"). 

The Puppy details being - 
#1 VonBIOS Britta ("Britta"):  Female - Black Sable - Microchip #: 982 000362074535 (
Sold and Delivered
#2 VonBIOS Birget ("Eva"):  Female - Black Sable - Microchip #: 982 000362073631 
(Sold and Collected
#3 VonBIOS Blaz ("Kaiser"):  Male - All Black - Microchip #: 982 000362074193  (Sold and Delivered)

Puppies (Litter "B") can be seen on above @!litter-b/cjxg. 
Vonforell Tess is essentially of East German (DDR) working lines and Bruno vom Wallensener Hof (IPO2) is of West German working lines, meaning, puppies have high prey drive, stable nerves, solid straight back structure, with big “Iron Curtain” heads, solid chest and hind quarters with well managed temperament, facilitating rapid command response. 

The parents have been X-Rayed with Excellent / Fast Normal rating for hips and elbows. 

Tessie and Bruno’s puppies will have a suitability for the following placement - 
• Dog Sports Competition (Obedience, Herding, Tracking/Scent Detection, etc.) 
• Family Companion and Protection 
• Police, Military and Correctional Services 
• Assistance Service Dogs 

Neurological Stimulation exercises have been undertaken and "Critical Period" experiences have commenced and will continue to be undertaken to ensure non-reactive disposition to new experiences. 

Puppies have already been socialised with animals (chickens, rabbits and other canines) and humans (adults/children) in a fun filled home scenario. Puppies will be exposed to numerous experiences in garden materials, domestic and commercial floor surfaces, sounds and visual stimuli, along with travel, smells and common every day sights and sounds (including Fireworks and naturally, Lightening and Thunderstorms) around cities and towns generated from Trains, Trams, Cars and Buses, etc. We even have commercial aircraft flying overhead (to Melbourne Airport) which they now ignore. 

The Puppies have been Microchipped and had Vaccinations. 

VonBIOS needs to ensure that these Puppies are allocated to appropriate persons (families and teams) that are best placed and will commit to manage and enhance the care, development and training of these wonderful canines. 
Therefore, we have a "Canine Adoption Agreement" that caters for - 
1. Price ($2,500 + GST = Total Price = $2,750); 
2. Health, Care and Training; and 
3. Breeding Agreement

Pedigree papers will be provided through Dogs Victoria (ANKC affiliate), starting with a "Limited Registration" until the Breeders Agreement has been undertaken (in about two years time), then the Registration will be upgraded to "Main (Full) Registration"

The "Breeders Agreement" for Litter "B" is designed to facilitate the reimbursement of your outlay, plus 100% return on investment that you can utilise for Health Care, Training and related costs in maintaining the welfare of the Puppy. 

Please note that we expect our next litter early to mid 2015 and have already had expressions of interest. We are always looking for the most suitable applicants, so feel free to contact us.

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