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The question of Canine nutrition has been heavily influenced by the commercial interests of the very large Pet Food manufacturers and even related (directly or indirectly) the Pharmaceutical industry and Veterinarian communities.


Even the Canine and Feline Clubs have a vested interest in promoting selected Pet Food companies for sponsorship and resale benefits. This is not to say that there is anything necessarily untoward; just be aware, do your research and make decisions in the best interest of your animal companions.


On this basis, with the interests of our working line German Shepherd Dog companions, who we are responsible for.


VonBIOS's own food regime for our working line German Shepherd Dogs, centres around "BARF" (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), meaning raw meat and uncooked bones, along with organic material like certain vegetables, fish oil, whole eggs (even the shell for calcium).


The following YouTube videos are a collection of materials that start the ball rolling onto BARF and related nutritional considerations.


A initial source for further reading on BARF can be found at -


To get you started on BARF, you might like to view the following YouTube video by Dr. Karen Becker, plus additional YouTube videos on related nutrional and supplement opportunities for your canine companion.  



The following is a guideline on the food intake requirements for your Canine Companion, according to it's body weight status and or circumstances.

 Feeding Percentages
 1.5% Weight Loss
 2.0% Non-Active
 2.5% Maintain Weight **
 3.0% Slight Weight Gain
 3.5% Significant Weight Gain
 4.0% Puppies (8 weeks-1 year)
 4.5-8.0% Puppies (4-8 weeks)
 4.0-8.0% Pregnant/Lactating

The people at "Raw4Dogs" have created a very useful Calculator to determine "How Much To Feed" your Canine Companion, which can be found on the following website link -

Dr. Karen Becker, a highly regarded Veterinary practitioner, offers some great videos, newsletters and articles revolving around her belief that the foundation of good health and longevity is species appropriate nutrition


Dr. Becker's passion for sharing healthy living options resulted in joining forces with the third largest medical website and largest wellness website,, to provide a free pet wellness newsletter to pet lovers around the world.


Over one million people per month visit Dr. Becker’s web site.


The following videos (below) provide a very informative position on feeding natural food to your canine companion(s) and we commend them to you.


Your attention is drawn to the two (2) videos at the bottom of this webpage on Fermented Vegetables. Dr. Karen Becker presents the video on "Fermented  Vegetables for Pets" and the other presented by her colleague, Dr. Mercola, on "Fermenting Vegetables Demonstration".

Check out the following companion video -

"Fermented Vegetables for Pets"

Check out the following companion video -


"Fermenting Vegetables Demonstration"

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