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Feb 01 2024 

  • Litter "L" 5 puppies available now  

  • Litter "K" - Male  8 Months old.

see details below -

"K" Litter - Male Puppy

VonBIOS Kaiser - Available for Adoption


VonBIOS Emeline ("Athena") gave birth to one male puppy (singleton) on June 1, 2023 @11:45 am. The unique aspect of this whelping is that the puppy, named "VonBIOS Kaiser"was born naturally, without needing a Caesarian Section. His birth weight was 462 grams. 


The Sire is Alpinebase Lucky (a.k.a. "Luger"). See the video below. 

VonBIOS Kaiser weighs 30.3 kgs, as of November 4, 2023 (5 months and 9 days old).

VonBIOS Kaiser, (male), is a working line, German Shepherd Dog puppy,  a "singleton" (only puppy in the litter), and is offered for adoption  to a suitable handler to undertake Obedience Training whether for ANKC credentials or Schutzhund/IGP International Dogsport credentials.

VonBIOS is delighted to advise that VonBIOS Fritz {"Puk") has whelped VonBIOS Litter "L". The Sire, Alpinebase Lucky ("Luger"), is also the Stud Dog (sire) for Litter  "K" (Kaiser).

The result for Litter "L" is 9 x puppies, all healthy. 5 x Females and 4 x Males. They are All-Black, 3 are Bi-Colour (All-Black with Tan Socks).

These puppies were born on October 13, 2023. There, they will be first available in mid-December 2023.

This August 2023 mating is a worthy experience due to the Stud Dog (sire) owner facilitating an early arrival and stay, from the commencement of the female season, at the Stud Dog (sire)'s kennel. VonBIOS Fritzi {"Puk") was a particularly sensitive female that VonBIOS endeavored to mate with a previously utilised stud dog provider. However, this was unsuccessful and the Stud Dog owner would not allow VonBIOS Fritzi {"Puk") to stay overnight or indeed for any period of time.


Clearly, the approach by the Stud Dog owner has been successful with VonBIOS Litter "L".

These VonBIOS Litter "L" puppies are available for adoption. See

Puppies available from December 15, 2023, through to March 2, 2024.

 Litter  "L" (5 x Puppies)
Available now for adoption 


A Real Champion

R.CH.VonBIOS Carina 

OTEC Rally Trial 2 - 0056-2.jpeg

The Planned Breeding of  VonBIOS females and date estimates TBA


VonBIOS Emeline ("Athena") is expected to be mated again with Alpinebase Lucky ("Luger") in say March 2024, 

Research has established that maiden bitches need to be "introduced" to the selected Stud Dog over several days from the commencement of the maiden bitch's "Season", thereby reducing, if not completely removing any apprehension, enabling successful mating.

VonBIOS females are X-Rayed for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia scoring assessment. They will or have been swabbed for Full DNA profiles.

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All Videos

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VonBIOS Litter "J" -

Sire: VonBIOS Claus BH FPR1 ("Chief")

Dam: Augerswell Simply Incredible ("Xeena")
Born on: August 19, 2021 

5 x Puppies (1 x Female and 4 x Males)
All gone to their new homes and families.


  • 10 x Puppies born 9/5/2021 -

       VonBIOS Erna ("Marley") was mated with

       Dasty vom Ludwigsek on March 8 & 9, 2021

  • 10 x All-Black, working line,

      German Shepherd Dog puppies -

        4 x Males; and

        6 x Females


 All Puppies are allocated to approved families on or around July 8, 2021.​​


Dasty vom Ludwigseck BH AD

Hip: SV: HD A-Normal (A1)

Elbows: SV: Normal (No changes)

DNA ProfiledDM Clear

VonBIOS Birget ("Eva" - Sable)

1 x female born (cesarean section) on
October 26, 2020.
"Eva" was Ultrasound scanned Monday, October 26, 2020, to determine puppy heartbeats and numbers. in her Litter, which sadly, was only two (2). However, the male could not be saved and the female is doing very well.
This puppy's pedigree name will VonBIOS Gretel.

Gretel is now 21 days old as at 16/11/2020. Gretel is in the "Back of House" care from her grandmother, Tessie, who will be 12 years old late in December 2020, as per the Youtube video below.

The Stud Dog is Dasty vom Ludwigseck BH AD, an "All Black" imported from Germany, October 2019. Eva's sire is the imported, Dark Red Sable, Bruno vom Wallensener Hof IPO2. Apart from the drive attributes of both imported dogs, their respective obedience and protection Dasty's all-black coat has darkened the coat.

Eva rejected her sole surviving puppy (female)., which means, hand raising her. So far, this puppy is getting fed on-demand.

VonBIOS Gretel, is now receiving "Back of House" care from her Grandmother, "Tessie". This relieves me of the task of stimulating Gretel's nether region to produce "1's and 2's". "Tessie" is providing parental stimulation as well puppy do's and don't's in behaviour.




Von BIOS is a niche Breeder and Trainer of working line German Shepherd Dogs (Deutscher Schäferhund), based near Melbourne, Australia. We just love these magnificent canines for their superior intelligence, high prey drive, bodily strength, strong character and friendly disposition, along with their devotion to their "Pack and Pack Leaders"




It is our mission and indeed, reward in life, to be able to facilitate the creation of exceptional litters of German Shepherd Dog puppies. We provide every opportunity for each Puppy to be enhanced and placed in readiness for adoption and placement with their new "Pack and Pack Leaders" (families and teams). We are seeking persons who are committed to developing these magnificent canines into functional, responsive and manageable members of their group.


As much as a working line German Shepherd Dog can be demanding for some inexperienced handlers, if you put the effort in, which is not onerous, you can become an effective “Pack Leader” with a VonBIOS working line German Shepherd Dog and reap the rewards of a healthier lifestyle with exercise and stress reduction aiding in a happier you (here is hoping).



Selecting a suitable working line German Shepherd Dog (Puppy) requires the initial question of, "why do you require such a dog and how do you intend to engage, train and utlise him or her"? 



Just in case you need some inspirations on what you can do with a working line German Shepherd Dog, could I suggest that you have a look at the videos presented > DEVELOPMENT >> Inspirations to demonstrate the abundance of opportunities available to you and your canine companion.



Making a commitment to a new member to your family or team is an exciting occasion and engenders an array mutually rewarding emotions.



To explore the above process, you can simply contact us and we will be delighted to send you an Application Form to enable us to assess if a German Shepherd Dog, of the kind that we offer, will be suitable for your family or team circumstances.


Click here to make an inquiry




The above videos are for general guidance and there are some aspects where VonBIOS does not agree and willing to respond to questions accordingly.

Trading Terms for Calendar years 2023/24

Commencing January 1, 2024, where VonBIOS has not entered into an agreement with an approved Puppy Adoption Applicant and the required deposit has been received on or before December 31, 2023, for a VonBIOS Puppy, the following changes to our Puppy Adoption terms and conditions apply -

  • Puppies are to be released to allocated families/handlers once the puppy has reached 8.5 weeks, subject to the new owner's experience and qualifications and has a puppy parent/trainer. This will cater to more critical period development and preliminary obedience training by VonBIOS -

  • Prices, which are not the sole consideration, include a Breeding Agreement (part of the VonBIOS Canine Adoption and Breeding Agreement, are as follows -

Males​ = $5,000; and 

Females​ = $4,000

Supplied with - 

  • Early Neurological Stimulation Exercises;

  • Scheduled Intestinal Worming;

  • Criticaal Period Development

  • Puppy Feeding Guidance (This Web Site);

  • Microchipped (with Central Animal Records);

  • Canine Vaccination (C3/C4 to C7);

  • ANKC Pedigree Certificate (Mains);

  • Canine Training (Recommendations);

VonBIOS intends to update its pricing model in 2024. It will still include a Variable Price and a Breeding Agreement, still aiming to provide the new VonBIOS Puppy owner with a favourable return on investment for quality puppy development and essential Obedience Training.


VonBIOS plans to make changes to achieve the following outcomes -

  1. Mobile/Tablet functionality improvements;

  2. VonBIOS database enhancement to cater for dog-related information from birth to "crossing the rainbow bridge";

  3. Scheduling facility for canine health management and VonBIOS progeny research;

  4. Female season monitoring and prospective progeny management.

  5. Contact Resource Management (CRM) to receive and respond to VonBIOS puppy adoption inquiries.


VonBIOS Aylissa ("Sophie") - sister to VonBIOS Amelia ("Nera"), mother of VonBIOS Litters "C" & "D". Sophie has been trained as a "Hearing Assistance Dog" for her owner. Sophie's new challenge is riding her motor bike (er, sidecar) for some road cruising.


A Video tribute to German Shepherd Dogs and their various abilities and service to their human companions.

interested in German Shepherd Dogs that can find GOLD? Check this video out.

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