Update for October 162020

VonBIOS Birget ("Eva" - Sable)

Puppies due October 22, 2020 

"Eva" was X-Rayed today Friday, October 16, 2020, to determine her health and the health of her pregnancy and hopefully, the number of puppies in her Litter, which sadly, is only two (2) which are due on October 22, 2020.

The number of puppies is unknown at this point in time, though three (3) puppies were observed, with the Veterinarian stating that "more puppies would be expected"

The Stud Dog utilised was Dasty vom Ludwigseck BH AD, an "All Black" imported from Germany, October 2019. Eva's sire is the imported, Dark Red Sable, Bruno vom Wallensener Hof IPO2. Apart from the drive attributes of both imported dogs, their respective obedience and protection Dasty's all-black coat will probably darken the coats of Eva's litter and even produce "All Black" puppies, but that no doubt will be up to mother nature (and "Eva").

This would mean "Eva" would have her litter (whelping) on or around October 22-25, 2020. On this basis, Eva's puppies would become available to pre-allocated and suitable homes, after their 60 days of "Critical Period Development", around December 22-24, 2020

Two (2) "All Black" VonBIOS females

now available for 2020 mating -

1.  VonBIOS Clara ("Onyx")

to be mated via

Transcervical Insemination (TCI) 


2.  VonBIOS Dagomar ("Une")

to be mated naturally, or if required, using

Transcervical Insemination (TCI) 

Both females will be mated using imported Stud Dog -

Dasty vom Ludwigseck ("Dasty")

To read more about Artificial Insemination and TCI in particular, click here

Also in our 2020/2021 Breeding Programme, includes Two (2) "Dark Sable"

VonBIOS females (see below)

now available for mating.

Stud Dog to be determined



The above videos are for general guidance and there are some aspects where VonBIOS does not agree and willing to respond to questions accordingly.

Dasty vom Ludwigseck BH AD

Hip: SV: HD A-Normal (A1)

Elbows: SV: Normal (No changes)

DNA ProfiledDM Clear

VonBIOS Clara 

Hip: ANKC:3:2 (A)

Elbows: ANKC 0:0 (Z)

DNA ProfiledDM Clear

Planned Puppy Litters

VonBIOS now has (4females awaiting for their "season" commencement in 2020 and Stud Dog selection is being assessed.

  • VonBIOS Birget ("Eva")

Dark Sable

Season started around August 15, 2020;

Mating undertaken on August 23, 2020;

Litter expected October 252020;

Available to new homes from December 23, 2020;


  • VonBIOS Dagomare ("Une")

All Black) 

"Une" next season expected around September 2020;

  • VonBIOS Clara ("Onyx")

All Black) 


Onyx is based in Perth/Kalgoorlie (WA), meaning,  so the Covid-19 Next season expected around March 2021, however, "Onyx" has her season every 4 months, which may affect her fertility levels and our Reproductive Vet may introduce procedures to "reset" her season regulatory to every 6 months.

  • VonBIOS Adala ("Ava")

Dark Sable

Next season expected around September 2020;


Having three (4) VonBIOS females coming into season in mid-late-2020 requires scheduling to manage the impending litters. This will require the delay of some VonBIOS Females until late 2020 and into 2021.  

Considering the demand for quality working line German Shepherd Dog puppies that that occurred during the early months of 2020 

Normally, female canines have two (2) seasons within a twelve (12) months period; it can be more often and it can even be less. The following might assist you with your planning.

Contact VonBIOS to make further inquiries for a

 working line German Shepherd Dog puppy.


VonBIOS Aylissa ("Sophie") - sister to VonBIOS Amelia ("Nera"), mother of VonBIOS Litters "C" & "D". Sophie has been trained as a "Hearing Assistance Dog" for her owner. Sophie's new challenge is riding her motor bike (er, sidecar) for some road cruising.

VonBIOS Carina ("Cara") - sister to VonBIOS Carolin ("Jess"), mother of VonBIOS Litter "F", has done very well with 1st Place, Open Obedience Trial - Dogs Victoria (ANKC) November 2019.

Bart Bellon is a well known Canine Trainer based in Europe.

Kovacs Vikus

mated with

VonBIOS Carolin

Whelping Outcome

December 24, 2019


VonBIOS Litter "F" (Kovacs Vikus mated with VonBIOS Carolin) and x-rayed with 8 puppies did not result as expected and indeed was quite sad.  The result was only 7 puppies (1 x male and 6 x females), though in itself, not the sad part.  The whelping started 2 days early on Christmas Eve (December 24, 2019), instead of Boxing Day (December 26, 2019). So I was caught off-guard for this early birth, but should not have been.


Earlier management of "Jess's" temperature would probably have forearmed me of an earlier whelping.

The sad part is that the 1st puppy (female) died at birth as a result of the mother cutting (chewing) the umbilical cord too close to the belly area and damaging some organs. Apparently this can happen with maiden bitches, but I have never encountered it previously.


The 2nd puppy (female) died 1 day after her birth. She was significantly underweight (212 grams) and it would appear, not sufficiently developed, despite my every effort to priority feeding and nurturing her.


Two subsequent good-sized females, the 3rd and 4th puppies were stillborn and despite undertaking CPR routines, I could not resuscitate them.



We have 3 x puppies out of the 7 puppies born (1 x male, 2 x females) in good health, all Bi-Colour (All Black with Brown feet), same as their Sire, Kovacs Vikus.

The 1 x male has been adopted and will reside in Regional Victoria (Australia).

Therefore, there are two (2) only Bi-Coloured females are currently available, as some Litter "F" prospective Guardians have transferred their orders to Litter "G", due around late June 2020. The prospective Dam is the All Black litter sister ("Onyx") to VonBIOS Carolin ("Jess").



VonBIOS Litter "E" Puppies are all now with their new homes as of November 13, 2019






 Contact VonBIOS to make further inquiries for a

 working line German Shepherd Dog puppy.

Seven (7) year old Girl (Samantha) undertaking an IPO Trial with her German Shepherd Dog.

A Video tribute to German Shepherd Dogs and their various abilities and service to their human companions.

A Video tribute to German Shepherd Dogs and their various abilities and service to their human companions.

Litter "D" Videos

Litter "C" Videos




Von BIOS is a niche Breeder and Trainer of working line German Shepherd Dogs (Deutscher Schäferhund), based near Melbourne, Australia. We just love these magnificent canines for their superior intelligence, high prey drive, bodily strength, strong character and friendly disposition, along with their devotion to their "Pack and Pack Leaders"




It is our mission and indeed, reward in life, to be able to facilitate the creation of exceptional litters of German Shepherd Dog puppies. We provide every opportunity for each Puppy to be enhanced and placed in readiness for adoption and placement with their new "Pack and Pack Leaders" (families and teams). We are seeking persons who are committed to developing these magnificent canines into functional, responsive and manageable members of their group.


As much as a working line German Shepherd Dog can be demanding for some inexperienced handlers, if you put the effort in, which is not onerous, you can become an effective “Pack Leader” with a VonBIOS working line German Shepherd Dog and reap the rewards of a healthier lifestyle with exercise and stress reduction aiding in a happier you (here is hoping).



Selecting a suitable working line German Shepherd Dog (Puppy) requires the initial question of, "why do you require such a dog and how do you intend to engage, train and utlise him or her"? 



Just in case you need some inspirations on what you can do with a working line German Shepherd Dog, could I suggest that you have a look at the videos presented > DEVELOPMENT >> Inspirations to demonstrate the abundance of opportunities available to you and your canine companion.



Making a commitment to a new member to your family or team is an exciting occasion and engenders an array mutually rewarding emotions.



To explore the above process, you can simply contact us and we will be delighted to send you an Application Form to enable us to assess if a German Shepherd Dog, of the kind that we offer, will be suitable for your family or team circumstances.


Click here to make an inquiry



- All 8 x Puppies placed

2 year, 0 months, and 10 days old (at January 5, 2019).

Born: December  27, 2016.


All VonBIOS's "A" Litter of 8 puppies (5 x females and 3 males) born December 27, 2016 have been allocated to new "Pack Leaders", including Families (Companionship, Dog Training & Protection) and Professional couples (Companionship, Dog Training & Protection).


The Sire of Litter "C" & "D" is Illas vom Haus Sevens IPO3.



- All 10 x Puppies placed

2 years, 11 months, & days old (at January 5, 2019).

Born: February 4, 2016.


All VonBIOS's "C" Litter of 10 puppies (5 x females & 5 x males) born February 4, 2016 have been allocated to new "Pack Leaders", including Security Officer, Sheep Farmer, Gold Buyer/Seller, Schutzhund/IPO Dog Sports enthusiast, Highly Experienced ANKC Dog Trainer with about 60 Dog Training Titles.


The Sire of Litter "C" is Illas vom Haus Sevens IPO3.


All 3 x Puppies placed

4 years, 7 months and 2 days old (at January 5, 2019).

Born: June 3, 2014


Our "Foundation Bitch", Vonforell Tess ("Tessie"was the proud mother of 3 puppies with her third litter (previously 2011 and 2013).


The proud Sire is the imported (Germany) Stud Dog -


Bruno vom Wallensener Hof IPO2
























The following links further identify Bruno's structure, conformation and courage/character - Tjaernshaget Kennel Images.


For an appreciation of Bruno vom Wallensener Hof in action, this Video may assist. 


- All 8 x Puppies placed

5 years, 3 months, and days old (at January 5, 2019).

Born: October 2, 2013.


All VonBIOS's "A" Litter of 8 puppies (5 x females and 3 males) born October 2, 2013 have been allocated to new "Pack Leaders", including Police Officers, Dog Trainers, Flight Instructors (family companionship & protection), Retired persons (family companionship & protection), Child Assistance needs.


The Sire of Litter "A" is Vonammerberg Eiko ("Grim").
























VonBIOS has selected #2, (Red collar) the All Black Female for her "exceptional" temperament and characteristics, as determined by an Independent and very experienced and qualified Canine Behaviourist. 

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