The following Stud Dogs have been utilised to produce four (4) VonBIOS litters, up until December 27, 2016, when the last Litter ("D") was whelped.


Litter "E" is currently being planned for early 2019, as are Litters "F" and "G" for mid-2019


VonBIOS does not presently have any Male Dogs for Sale. VonBIOS does have several VonBIOS Stud Dogs available for servicing suitable brood bitches.


Illas vom Haus Sevens





After research and discussions with a number of breeders of working line German Shepherd Dogs, VonBIOS selected  the son of the 2010 WUSV World Champion, Como vom Bonauer Wald IPO3, imported from Belgium and gaining various IPO (Schutzhund) titles here in Australia.



VonBIOS brood bitch, VonBIOS Amelia ("Nera"), has had two (2) litters ("C" & "D") from Illas vom Haus Sevens -

  • Litter "C"10 x puppies (5 x males & 5 x females) whelped February 4, 2016.

  • Litter "D": 8 x puppies (3 x males & 5 x females) whelped December 27, 2016.


Sadly, Illas vom Haus Sevens has crossed the "rainbow bridge" earlier in 2018.






Bruno vom Wallensener Hof





After undertaking genetic and performance assessment of possibly suitable and available Stud Dogs as part of our "outcross" program for Litter "B", the import, Bruno vom Wallensener Hof, was selected, not long after he was imported into Australia.



VonBIOS "brood bitch", VonforellTess ("Tessie"), gave birth on June 3, 2014  to Litter "B". However, only three (3) puppies resulted for Litter "B". 1 big all black male and 2 x sable females. The X-Ray showed 8 x puppies, which is really strange as the X-Ray was taken 5 days before the birth.


Vonammerberg Eiko


VonBIOS Tess ("Tessie") was mated to the stud dog Vonammerberg Eiko ("Grim"), producing 7 x puppies (Litter "A") born October 2, 2013. 


All puppies were placed with new "Pack Leaders" in November/December 2013.


Grim's pedigree can be found on this link.


For details of Litter "A", click on this linked page in this web site. Details of the puppies can also be found on the Pedigree Database.

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