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Canine Vaccinations

Over-Vaccination vs. Titer Testing 

Australian Veterinary Association

Status Statement

"Vaccination protocols should be determined within a veterinarian–client–patient relationship, based on attributes such as duration of immunity of available vaccines and an individual animal’s requirements.

Every animal should be immunised and each individual animal only as frequently as necessary. Current scientific consensus recommends that adult cats and dogs should be vaccinated with core vaccines triennially where applicable.

Informed consent is important.

Core vaccines should be administered to all animals to protect them against severe, life-threatening diseases that have a global distribution.

     Dogs: Canine distemper virus, canine adenovirus and canine parvovirus.

     Cats: Feline parvovirus, feline calicivirus and feline herpesvirus."



Canine Vaccinations are generally given under the advice from your family Veterinarian.


If you take your canine companion to any Dog Obedience and Sports Clubs​, etc., including Dogs Shows and Dog Trials, it is generally a requirement that your Canine has been vaccinated before they can participate in Club activities or the Trials in question, requiring your current certificate to be presented.


Further, if you need to board your canine companion, the Boarding Kennel will probably require to view your certificate. If they don't, I suggest to ask why and refer them to this web page to assist them in

re-assessing their position.

It maybe a legal requirement in your region, to have a particular regime of vaccinations. Instead of placing your canine companion into a Dog Kennel, consider using a Home and Pet Sitter at your place or theirs.


Annually Vaccinating your canine companion has been regularly questioned and debated in recent  years. The Videos on the left and below, are provided for your consideration. The circumstances of

whether your canine requires such regular vaccination can be determined by Titre (also spelt "Titer") Testing.

The above AVA "Position Statement", along with additional web sites, addresses  the issue of annual vaccinations or otherwise.

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