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VonBIOS Puppies have been adopted as Companion or Family dogs, and have undertaken numerous Obedience Training courses to gain ANKC and/or IPG (Schutzhund) credentials for Dog Sports activities and competition. Some dogs have been placed as either Therapy and/or Assistance Dogs (for PTSD, Health difficulties, etc.) and the like. 



VonBIOS is offering suitable Carers/Handlers, puppies from our current litter, Litter "L", (born 13 October 2023) a 10% Discount from the above 2023 Price, where a Puppy Application is lodged by December 18, 2023 (close of business 1700 hours).



To express your interest in a VonBIOS puppy, Litter "L" (remembering, this litter consists of 9 puppies), use the following link and use the "Puppy Adoption inquiry" drop-down form, enabling you to provide essential communications, location and what you can bring to the development and welfare of a VonBIOS puppy.


Remember, complete your expression of interest using the above VonBIOS "Puppy Adoption inquiry" form, by Close of Business on Monday December 18, 2023.



VonBIOS is very keen for our Litter "L" puppies to be adopted by suitable handlers who can provide companionship, play and engagement with exercise and obedience training. Obviously, a secure environment (from inclement and extreme weather, a fresh supply of canine-appropriate raw food with pulverised raw vegetables and fresh water.


With the above in mind, VonBIOS is offering a favourable financing arrangement, based on the following -


  • Discount of 10% off List Price;

  • Deposit of 25% of Net Price; and

  • Repayment of outstanding monies over six (6) months.



From the Net Price (after 10% Discount from the above Canine Adoption Prices), a Deposit of 25% of the Net Price will be required to secure your VonBIOS Puppy. Therefore, the following Deposits apply -

Deposit for Male VonBIOS puppies​ =

$4,500 x 25% = $1,125; and 

Deposit for Female VonBIOS puppies​ =

$3,600 x 25% = $900



Repayment is based on dividing the Outstanding monies into six (6) equal monthly payments, as follows -

Monthly Payments for Male VonBIOS puppies =

Outstanding monies $4,500 (Net Price)

 less $1,125 Deposit

= $ 3,375 Outstanding; payable over six (6) months;

@ $562.50 per month


Monthly Payments for Female VonBIOS puppies =

Outstanding monies $3,600 (Net Price)

 less $900 Deposit

= $ 2,700 Outstanding; payable over six (6) months;

@ $450.00 per month


Interested in enhancing your life with a magnificent purebred, working-line, German Shepherd Dog puppy? If so, contact VonBIOS as follows - and use "Puppy Adoption inquiry" in drop-down list. This will send an email with your details to VonBIOS.


If you wish to ask questions, or seek any clarification, phone John V. McIntosh 0422 079347.





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